Computer Device Colorings Pages

Mouse Coloring Page

Computer mouse, one of the major input devices used on a computers.


Pen Drive Coloring Page

A pen drive is a portable data-storage device. Also known as a USB drive. This devised is used to store information from one computer and can be used on another. It is a small and easy to carry around.


Printer Coloring Page

A printer is a piece of hardware for a computer that prints text or illustrations on paper. There are many different types of printers


Scanner Coloring Page

Computer peripheral device that converts a document, film, graphic, or photograph to a digital image.When used with an optical character recognition software, a scanner can convert printed, typewritten text into a dMore

Speaker Coloring Page

Computer speakers are external to a computer, that disable the lower fidelity built-in speaker. They often have a low-power internal amplifier. Computer speakers were introduced by Altec Lansing in 1990.


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