Wild and Domestic Animals


A monkey is a primate of the Haplorrhini suborder and simian infraorder, either an Old World monkey or a New World monkey, but excluding apes. Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent. Unlike apes, monkeysMore


The lion is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. Wild lions currently exist in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia, with an endangered remnant population in Gir Forest National Park in India.  They More


Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits, including the European rabbit, coMore


Rats are typically distinguished from mice by their size; rats are generally large muroid rodents, while mice are generally small muroid rodents. Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamilyMore


The word rhinoceros is derived through Latin from the Ancient Greek. Rhinoceros often abbreviated as rhino. The name black rhinoceros was chosen to distinguish this species from the white rhinoceros.This can be confMore

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