List of Aesops Stories

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Hard Work pays Dividends

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer. He was very practical and was aware that key to happiness and prosperity in life was only hard work and sincerity. Without hard work a life had no meaning. So he had worked veMore

Coward Has an Excuse

Once a wolf and a lion were wandering around together. Suddenly they heard the bleating of sheep some distance away.
“Did you hear the bleating of sheep?” said the wolf. “You please wait foMore

Greediness Result

Once a dog managed to steal a piece of meat from a butcher shop; and in a bid to find a safe place, where he could sit comfortably and gnaw at the piece of meat, he had to cross a footbridge over a stream. While troMore

Ill Natured

Once there was a dog in a village. He was very ill-tempered. Once it so happened that he entered a stable, and climbed into the manger. Somehow, he liked the place and lay there all day long. But whenever any of theMore

Self Destruction

Once a baby frog came out of pond for the first time in his life. He saw a bull of enormous size, grazing at a distance. Anything, so big in size was beyond his imagination. He immediately rushed back to the pond toMore

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