List of Akbar Birbal Stories

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Odd Question Odd Answer

One day, Akbar and Birbal were taking a stroll in the garden. Birbal was narrating a funny story to Akbar. Akbar was enjoying it. All of a sudden Akbar found a piece of bamboo lying on the ground. He got an idea to More

The Fat Man become Panditji

It was almost evening. The visitors had left one by one. But Birbal noticed a fat man still standing shyly in a corner.
    Birbal came forward and said. “I think you have got something More

Muscle Power of Musclemen

 There lived two popular moneylenders in the city of Punjab by the name of Ramdas and Dhandas. Ramdas was an honest man. He used to charge very low interest on the loan he gave to his borrowers. It was just fivMore

Judgement of Raja Birbal

    Once an old man decided to go on a pilgrimage. He worked hard and earned some money to save for the future. When he planned to go out on a tour, he thought of a safer place to keep his money.

The Intelligence of Birbal

One day, a courtier entered the court, holding a glass jar in his hands.
    “What is there in that jar?” asked the Emperor.
    “Your Majesty. It’s a mixture of sand and sugMore

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