List of Akbar Birbal Stories

Emperor's Mistake

    Akbar loved horse-riding to such an extent that he would pay any amount for the horse he liked. Merchants from distant lands as far as  from Arabia, Persia and some other countries used to viMore

Agreed to Help

    One day, Birbal was taking a morning walk in a park. A man approached him and asked, “Could you please tell me where I can meet Birbal?”
    “In a park,&rdMore

The Punishment of Misbehave

    Once, the Empress’ brother misbehaved with a woman. When the Emperor came to know about it, he ordered his brother-in-law to leave the capital and never come back again. However, the queen&rMore


Emperor Akbar was very fond of hunting. Whenever there was high pressure of work in the court, he would retire and go out of the capital to spend some time in a forest, chasing animals and hunting them. Hundreds of More


Once the Emperor decided to hold an exhibition of the portraits of his courtiers. The Emperor also decided to keep the portraits in the exhibition hall as a permanent display for the visitors to come and see them.More

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