List of Grandmother Stories

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Wolf Shouted

While lapping at the head of a running brook, a wolf saw a lamb daintily paddling his feet some distance down the stream.
    ‘What a grand feast!’ thought the wolf to himself. So,More

Rabbit and Squirrel

A rabbit named Rabby lived near a garden. The garden had different kinds of trees and plants. Many vegetables were grown in it. Rabby always wanted to go in and eat carrots. But whenever he tried to enter, the gardeMore

The Wolf and the Dog

There was a wolf, who due to old age and physical infirmity, was finding it difficult to manage his meals. Generally his preys outran him in the chase. One day while wandering with a single thought in his mind&mdashMore

Mothers Misguidence

Raja and Ravi were good friends. They studied in the same school. They used to go and come back from the school together.
    One day they saw an orchard on the way. They had never noticed thaMore

Laborious Squirel

A squirrel and a crow were good friends. The crow was very lazy while the squirrel was very hard working.
    One day, the squirrel and the crow planned to grow crops. Both said that they willMore

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