List of Grandmother Stories

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Face Difficulty Boldly

A lamb was grazing in a pasture with his mother. While his mother was grazing, the lamb saw greener grass at a little distance. He moved there without his mother’s permission.
    A leopMore

A farmer Advice to his Son

A farmer in his dying moment called his sons to him.
    “I am about to leave all of you forever”, he mumbled infirmly. “But before I die, I must tell you that I have burriedMore

Not Trust one’s Enemy

Once two dogs were playing on a road which was at the edge of a forest. They were so engrossed that they entered the forest unmindfully. They went a long way and met a wolf. The wolf was hungry and wanted to eat theMore

One Can't Trick Everybody Constantly

A well off jeweller whose name was Mohanlal existed in a city. He had a huge showroom and had a thundering business.
Mohanlal had utilized numerous servants for his showroom and his house. Raja was the most More

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