List of Grandmother Stories

judgement of the moneky

It was a case of counter accusations. The fox accused the wolf of having robbed him, whereas the wolf accused the fox of having cheated him. The dispute was taken to the court, where a monkey sat as a judge. The whoMore

Do Hardwork

A boy named Nonu lived in a city. He was a beggar. He used to beg at the cross-roads and red lights. Sometimes after begging for the whole day he would get enough money to buy meals for himself and sometimes he woulMore

Naughty Monkey

A naughty monkey lived in a tree which stood in a village. Whenever he felt hungry, he went to nearby houses and snatched food from small children. Sometimes he would get into someone’s kitchen, scatter everytMore

Fox said to a Hare

‘‘Why are you looking at me so intently?” said a fox to a hare.
    “I was just thinking,” replied the hare, “if you really are as cunning as you are known More

Repent of Miserly Man

There lived a rich businessman. His name was Dhaniram. He was so miserly that he did not like to spend his money at all.
    The grocery shop Dhaniram owned was the only one in the market. TheMore

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