List of Moral Stories

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Illiterate Blind Man Decision

In a village there lived six illiterate blind men together. One day they had heated argument over how the elephant looked like. They decided to touch it before deciding.
Very next day they reached the templeMore

The Milkmaid’s Thinking

A milkmaid was carrying the pot of milk on her head to sell it. Milkmaid was thinking that she would fetch a lot of money by selling milk. She would purchase eggs from that money, from them lot of chickens would comMore

The Precious Opinion

Shyamlal was a cloth merchant. He often sold cloth on credit in nearby villages. One day Shyamlal was returning from a nearby village after colleting his dues. He decided to rest for a while under a tree. Being tireMore

Greed is a Great Evil

Some time ago a man and his wife were digging the land to saw some seeds. While digging their shovel hit something. A large silver pot was inside, they took in out and carried it home.
After reaching home, tMore

Excess of Everything is Bad

There was a pasture at the edge of a forest. Shepherds of the nearby villages came there with their cattle flocks. While the cattle grazed, the shepherds spent there time playing.
There was a big old tree inMore

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