List of Moral Stories

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Man is Selfish by Nature

A farmer had owned a large orchard in which lie a number of fruit trees. One day he saw a barren apple tree. It no longer bore any fruit. A friend was also with him. His friend said, ‘This is a useless tree, wMore

Not Trust a Boastful Person

Once there was a trader who often went abroad in connection with his business. When he grew old, his young son took over all his business. But the young trader was very boastful by nature. When he went for his firstMore

Never Rely on Others’ Power

There lived a donkey and a lion in a forest. They were fast friends. They were always seen together. Seeing them the other animals of the forest ran panicked. Infact the animals were scared of the lion but the donkeMore

Intelligence is Superior to Physical Power

Two rabbits, Teeku & Keeku passed by an orchard while roaming in the forest. Tress in the orchard of trees laden with fruits. They got tempted. But, they also knew that a terrible wolf was the owner of that orchMore

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