List of Moral Stories

Be Careful for Coming Dangers

One day a jackal was roaming around in thick forest in search of food. Suddenly it saw a wild boar who was rubbing his tusks against the trunk of a tree. The jackal looked around carefully but it couldn’t see More

Never pose to be what you are not

Once upon a time there was a crow who lived near a farm house. The owner of the farm had kept some pigeons and he fed them grains every day. The crow looked at the pigeons and envied their good luck.
One dayMore

The Wicked Person Deserve No Mercy

Long time ago a kind farmer lived in a village of Himachal Pradesh. One day, after a heavy snowfall, he was coming to his home an weather was extremly cold. Suddenly the kind hearted farmer saw a snake lying by the More

Mercy Never Goes Unrewarded

One hot summer day, a lion was fast asleep in the cool shade of a big tree. A mouse lived in a nearby hole, he came out of its hole. He saw the sleeping lion, so he came out without fear. Unawareness of the lions stMore

Wickedness Brings In Ruin

Once a wolf was wandering in search of prey in a jungle. As he reached near a village, he saw a flock of sheep grazing in a pasturage. The wolf was planning to kill a sheep, suddenly he saw a sheep lying by the footMore

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